What are you thankful for?

This is what fb asked me today:


Good question, I might add. I wrote a post yesterday about religion and that made me think about compassion and rising above anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so not the religious type, I don’t believe in the purpose of the church and I don’t go to confession. Instead, I believe in forgiveness and acceptance, but this is a different story for another day 😉

Here is my list, my thoughts on who and what I’m thankful for:

  • my fiance because he helped me grow into the woman that I am today, he stood by me through the bad, listened to my dreams and made some of them happen 🙂
  • my loving parents (I would have so much to say, but the love I have for them cannot be put into words)
  • the fact that my grandparents are still alive 🙂 and maybe they will live to see my children; I have the best grandparents – they raised me, they helped me with everything since the day I was born and they are still there for me, even until this day
  • how I was raised and who I have become
  • the people that came into my life and left, for the memories they gave me and for the people that stayed 🙂
  • the dreams that become reality
  • the things that I learned along the way
  • the job I have, the projects I had the chance to participate and the experience I gained
  • the home we build togethermoments
  • the house we decorated together
  • the memories we made and the places we saw
  • his love and his friendship
  • the fact that in 6 months I will take his last name
  • our friends, even we don’t see each other as often as I would like, the moments are that more precious
  • my bridesmaids – the girls that make me smile, whom I call at any hour of the day and stress with my ideas, my excitement and my restlessness
  • the hot cup of black tea in the morning, while looking out the window at our garden; the jasmine tea in the afternoon, after a long day at work, cuddling in his arms; the rooibos & honey tea at midnight, when we end up talking long past our bedtime 😀
  • my huge collections of books and mugs – they really do go hand in hand!
  • snow in November and on Christmas day
  • fuzzy gloves and a green thermos to keep me happy an my way to work
  • big, cozy winter scarves in lovely colors
  • love notes on the kitchen table
  • presents that take me by surprise and gestures that make my heart melt ❤
  • cinnamon, baked apples, carols and cold noses
  • skiing, drinking mulled wine with nutmeg and trips faraway from home
  • and for all the material stuff that make me happy and  slightly superficial 😀

And here are 25 things (or more), just from the top of my head, which I am thankful for 🙂 Next year I’ll write 26!no regrets

What are you thankful for?

Things I look forward to when I get home

  1. cozy bed ( lots ‘n lots of pillows, fluffy mattress, girlish colors )
  2. large, open windows and the view from the 6th floor – many gorgeous sunsets and not so many sunrises 😀 ( what can I say ? I’m not really an early bird 😉 )
  3. 10 types of tea – whatever your heart desires 
  4. all my perfumes
  5. lovable kitten
  6. flowers on my window – the smell of spring is in the air
  7. mum !
  8. home cooked meal ( mother knows best )
  9. scented candles
  10. vegetables in the freezer and fruits on the table
  11. laying with my feet in hot water while reading today’s newspaper and magazines
  12. a wall full of shelves filled only with books
  13. eating candies, cakes or any type of sweets you can think of at later hours
  14. high temperatues – cose I like wearing shorts around the house even in winter 😀 
  15. love

That about covers it, girls 😀 

Leapsa experientelor

Am gasit pe blogul Ralucai o leapsa interesanta despre lucruri pe care le-ai facut sau vrei sa le faci inainte sa mori 😀 a bucket list.

Eu am scris cu roz ceea ce am facut deja si cu italic ceea ce as vrea sa fac. Daca preluati leapsa, lasati un link in comentarii ca sa rada si ochii mei 🙂

Dat de baut la toti in bar/club – era ziua mea ( in vechiul The Spot )
Balacit cu delfini
Catarat pe munte
Ferrari test-drive
Vizitat mumiile si piramidele din Egipt
Jucat cu o tarantula
Baie la lumina lumanarilor alaturi de cineva
Ai spus cuiva “Te iubesc!” si chiar ai simtit-o
Imbratisat un copac
Facut striptease
Bungee jumping – sarituri cu coarda elastica ( dar nu stiu daca am curajul 😀 )
Vizitat Parisul
Ai privit o furtuna pe mare
Privit rasaritul dupa o noapte alba – multe nopti albe
Vazut aurora boreala
Participat la un meci cu foarte multi spectatori
Urcat treptele pana sus al Turnului din Pisa
Hranit cu legumele cultivate de tine – de mine si de iubit ♥
Ai atins cu mana un iceberg
Dormit sub cerul liber
Schimbat scutecul unui bebelus
Calatorit intr-un balon cu aer cald
Vazut o ploaie de meteoriti
Te-ai imbatat cu sampanie
Ai daruit mai mult de cat ti-ai permis
Te-ai uitat noaptea la stele printr-un telescop
Ai ras ca Piticu21 intr-un moment total nepotrivit
Bataie cu mancare – tort de ziua unei prietene foarte bune
Pariat la cursele cu cai
“Chiulit” de la serviciu
Ai invitat in oras un strain
Bataie cu bulgari de zapada
Ti-ai xeroxat curul
Ai urlat din toti plamanii
Imbratisat un miel
Ti-ai indeplinit o fantezie
Balaceala in mare la miez de noapte gol pusca
Ai facut dus rece ca gheata
Ai purtat o conversatie filosofica cu un cersetor
Ai vazut o eclipsa totala (fie ea de soare sau de luna)
Te-ai dat cu roller-coaster-ul
Dat cu parapanta
Ai dansat ca zapacitul intr-un club fara sa-ti pese ca cei din jur se holbau la tine – de fiecare data 😀
Sex la birou – shht !
Ai fost arestat, indiferent de motiv
Vopsit parul in culori traznite
Configurat de unul singur propriul PC
Omorat si gatit un animal
Furat prosoape/sapun/sampon dintr-un hotel
Ai invatat o limba, o arta de unul singur
Vizitat Peru
Baut propria urina ca sa supravietuiesti
Participat la o sedinta BDSM
Ai donat sperma sau ovule
Ai stat treaz/a mai mult de 50 de ore
Ai tras cu o arma de foc
Condus un motor – insa am mers pe doua
Ai frant inima cuiva (din nefericire)
Plecat la mare/munte fara niciun ban in buzunar – se mai pune daca avea iubitul? :))
Te-ai mutat intr-un oras strain si-ai luat-o de la capat
Ai luat droguri – doar un cui, doua
Masturbare intr-un loc public
Ai facut pe cineva sa se supere pentru simplu motiv ca “poti”
Ai avut grija de cineva o perioada indelungata de timp
Ti-ai tatuat o chestie total aiurea – mi-as face unul, dar nu o sa fie aiurea
Muls o vaca
Ai luat decizia de a deveni donator de organe dupa ce mori
Organizat un eveniment de mare anvergura
Mers in New York, facut cumparaturi in Manhattan si baut cafeaua in Central Park
Surf in LA
Pariat in Las Vegas
Contribuit la adoptarea unei legi care sa imbunatateasca modul de viata a cat mai multor oameni
Pilotat un avion
Mers intr-o croaziera si lenevit la soare
Invatat snowboarding – am invatat sa schiez
Mers cu cortul la mare
Mers la un festival de muzica unde nu cunosti pe nimeni de la care sa pleci apoi cu noi prieteni
Invatat franceza
Sa gust din cel mai iute ardei
Sa merg un week-end in Amsterdam
Sa sar cu parasuta
Sa vad o lupta de cocosi
Sa merg in misiuni medicale
Sa imi iau un laptop de la Alienware
Sa invat sa cant la un instrument – pian
Sa mai dau jos cateva kg
Sa fac un copil
Sa ma marit
Sa fac o cariera in management
Sa studiez in strainatate
Sa calaresc 
Sa cant karaoke
Sa  conduc un Ferarri alb intr-o zi speciala
Sa  imi deschid o afacere
Sa  citesc toate cartile pe care le am in biblioteca
Sa  ne luam un acvariu
Sa  ne mutam impreuna
Sa merg in Austria
Sa  imi decorez casa

Sa  public ceva ce am scris
Sa  scriu un roman
Sa  invat sa fac fotografii profesioniste
Sa invat italiana
Dansat la bara

Deci, ce nebunii ati facut deja?

100 Tips To be a Lady

“The attributes of a great lady may still be found in the rule of the four S’s: Sincerity, Simplicity, Sympathy, and Serenity.”

  1. Before you can convince people you’re attractive, you have to believe it yourself.
  2. A lady never kisses and tells.
  3. Always say “please” and “thank you“. Civility never goes out of  style.
  4. Only wear heels if you know how to walk in them.
  5. Be yourself.
  6. Enjoy the fact that you are a woman and men will enjoy it, too.
  7. Never show too much leg or too much cleavage at the same time.
  8. Don’t act stupid when you’re not.
  9. Never, ever make a sex tape.
  10. Let people know that you think they’re wonderful.
  11. Avoid false compliments.
  12. Remember birthdays and send thank you notes.
  13. Underwear is not a misnomer.  Exposed thongs are not glamorous.
  14. Be nice to your server; not because it’s nice, but because we’re human beings.
  15. When in doubt, dress up.
  16. Carry yourself with confidence. It’s sexier than any low-cut dress.
  17. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and apologise.
  18. Drink responsibly. There’s nothing adorable in being sick or comatose.
  19. Be on time. Nobody likes waiting or being interrupted.
  20. Tuck in your chair when you get up to leave.
  21. It’s not always what you say. It’s also how you say it.
  22. Beauty is not just visual; it employs all of the senses.
  23. Don’t laugh at another’s mistake. A lady knows no one is perfect.
  24. Your make up does not have to look natural, but make sure it looks clean.
  25. Don’t chase perfection. Embrace your vices – they humanise you.
  26. Only share negative opinions if you are asked for them first.
  27. A lady is always well read and well informed. Knowledge is power.
  28. No open-mouthed kissing in public. No one wants to see that.
  29. Wear perfume.  (But not too much as to stink up the room you are in.)
  30. A lady never takes pleasure in the misfortunes of others.
  31. Be sincere.
  32. Don’t take out your bad mood on others. No one should be punished for being your in company.
  33. You can toy with a man, but never with his emotions. Hearts are fragile things.
  34. A lady know the power of the Little Black Dress.
  35. A lady of class is rich; not in wealth but in culture.
  36. Realise that happiness is a choice; it’s your life and it’s up to you if it’s a happy one.
  37. Tracksuits and sneakers belong at the gym.
  38. Dress the part: You don’t have to wear a suit or dress but a lady always wears clean, coordinated clothing.
  39. Being a lady is about being kind. It is true elegance.
  40. Practice martyr-free modesty: In everything she does, a lady will acknowledge those who helped her before she takes any credit for herself.
  41. A lady will not flaunt herself, her valuables, or her accomplishments
  42. A lady is not self-absorbed.
  43. Never lose your cool: Don’t let people get under your skin, no matter how much they try.
  44.  If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all – take that to heart!
  45. Be well mannered.
  46. You will and should be judged by your friends, choose them wisely.
  47. Walk graciously.
  48. Actions speak louder than words.
  49. Never say that you’re leaving for the bathroom. Simply excuse yourself.
  50. Don’t complain about things you can’t change – like waiting in line or the weather.
  51. Don’t engage in prolonged public displays of affection.
  52. Never talk on your phone when in a restaurant or at the movies.
  53. Don’t gossip.
  54. Don’t tell sexist or racist jokes.
  55. Do not interrupt people speaking to you.
  56. Never ask if you look fat.
  57. It is imperative that you develop good posture, which isn’t too hard to achieve.
  58. Listen more than you speak.
  59. Hear others out before assuming your way of doing things is the superior way
  60. Don’t burp or fart out loud, in front of people.
  61. If you say you will do something, follow up on it.
  62. Don’t be a drama queen. It’s unpleasant for those around you.
  63. Don’t use fake tears to win something.
  64. Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  65. Don’t eat with your hands.
  66. Be a tidy person, organized and systematic.
  67. Don’t leave mess where you go.
  68. Don’t bite your nails.
  69. Don’t talk too loud.
  70. Don’t mix and match patterns from head to toe. (no more than 2)
  71. Know what type of clothes flatter you and wear them. Don’t wear something just because you like it, even if it makes you look fat or disproportioned.
  72. Look people in the eyes.
  73. Don’t eat your roll like an apple. The courteous way to dine on bread is to tear off a bite-size piece and pop it in your mouth.
  74. Too much silver or golden fabric, glitter or all these combined is something that should really disappear. On some occasions they can definitely be taken into consideration, but not when going to do the groceries.
  75. Don’t buy smaller clothes hoping that in time they will be just right. Choose what fits you!
  76. Don’t make a tragedy out of everything.
  77. Don’t shout on the street, laugh noisily and when you have to talk on the phone leave the group for a few moments.
  78. In order to create a good image of yourself, try not to show all your feelings. When succeeding, show a moderate joy even if it’s the greatest thing ever.
  79. When you feel envious (it happens) try not to show it.
  80. Don’t give satisfaction to others and don’t be rude.
  81. Don’t promote yourself aggressively, by handling the things the right way you will definitely attract the attention you deserve!
  82. Keep your legs together when you get into or out of a car.
  83. Don’t groom in public, in the car or at the table in a restaurant.
  84. If you’ve chosen to dye your hair, don’t let it get to the stage where we see more of your roots than the actual hair colour.
  85. Don’t sit with your legs wide apart in a skirt – it looks kinda slobby and not so ladylike.
  86. Don’t swear.
  87. Don’t spit.
  88. A lady is always modern, timeless and positive.
  89. A lady knows her company will be desired because of her good sense of humor.
  90. Exercise and stay fit ! A lady isn’t overweighted.
  91. A lady knows that her smile is her best accessory.
  92. Always classy, never trashy.
  93. A true lady doesn’t start fights.
  94. Be refined, polite and well-spoken.
  95. Don’t ever forget your value, don’t underestimate yourself.
  96. Never let a man define you. Be amazing on your own!
  97. True beauty comes from within.
  98. A lady knows her limits no matter what.
  99. A lady holds her head high, but never her nose.
  100. Be the woman a man needs, not the woman that needs a man.

“Being a woman doesn’t necessarily make you a lady.”

130 awesome things to smile about ♥

  • bubble bath
  • rainbow
  • raindrops on a sunny Sunday morning
  • funny clouds ( like pirat ships, unicorns, flowers etc )
  • bumble bees dancing through the flower petals
  • waking up next to a cup of freshly made coffee ! i’d prefer cinnamon flavored
  • black tea and VS menthol
  • having flowers on my desk everyday 🙂
  • dried flower decorations
  • awesome nail polish
  • pictures with BF and close friends
  • having your own bookcase ( with books you like and favourite authors )
  • fluffy slippers
  • seashells from every place you went
  • a ship made out of colorful seashells 😀
  • strawberry shower gel
  • butterfly ring
  • pink rose ring
  • tutu dress
  • rum-kokos dragees
  • guma Turbo
  • miros de ploaie dimineata
  • cream de zahar ars facuta de mama
  • carti noi, carti vechi, carti necitite
  • mere caramelizate
  • vata de zahar pe bat
  • Cismigiul
  • prima zi de .. scoala, liceu, facultate, master, munca, casatorie …fill in the blanks
  • bucuria de a gasi nasturi haiosi intr-o mercerie uitata de timp
  • Centrul Vechi, cum era pe vremuri
  • muzica ce o ascultau parintii nostri
  • bataie cu perne pana dimineata
  • Nikonul meu iubit
  • iaurt din Grecia cu marmelada
  • fuste inflorate si obraji imbujorati
  • parfumul inconfundabil de bujori
  • o floare de liliac cu un nr. ciudat de petale
  • un trifoi cu 4 foi
  • sa gasesti in parc un sotron desenat de mana naiva a unui copil
  • Ratele si vanatorii
  • Flori, fete si baieti
  • sa sari coarda cum faceai acum 10 ani
  • sa mergi cu picioarele goale prin iarba
  • sa alergi pe nisipul fierbinte :p
  • spuma marii
  • Vama Veche ( locatia, dar si formatia )
  • sa adormi in hamac la apus de soare
  • sa faci dragoste in mare
  • “Mes Amis”
  • “La Motoare”
  • aroma arsa de narghilea si muzica orientala, perne mii si mii si lumina difuza
  • amintiri din copilarie
  • kittens ‘n boobies
  • rochite din dantela
  • raritatea de a vedea o fata inrosindu-se
  • baloane colorate – sa le dai drumul in lume
  • sa fii indragostit(a)
  • fluturasi in stomac si zambet neincetat
  • decoratiuni de Craciun si impodobit bradul
  • sarutul de sub vasc
  • asteptandu-l pe Mos Craciun
  • pandind Iepurasul
  • vopsitul oualelor 😀 primitul cadourilor si masa in familie
  • cand te jucai cu fardurile mamei, incaltata cu pantofii ei stiletto si incurcandu-te in rochia ei de matase
  • Mini Cooper
  • plicuri viu colorate cu fundite si volanase ( in locul gentilor prea mari si grele )
  • bilete de avion cu numele tau pe ele
  • eugenii si sa iti pupi mama
  • idei noi si minti deschise
  • House MD
  • portjartier si discutii nocturne
  • sa calaresti intr-o zi de vara si sa iubesti calul ce te insoteste
  • alergand plin ploaie, sub flori de cires
  • bilete la teatru
  • buburuzeee si libelule si bazait de albine
  • clatine si papansi ( de preferat, in anotimpul geros, cand ninsoarea a imbracat muntii si tu fugi cat mai departe de Bucuresti )
  • vin fiert cu scortisoara sau cuisoare ( stand la inaltimi, cu schiurile langa tine si cel pe care il ♥ )
  • covor de frunze colorate, trosnind sub pasii tai
  • ABBA
  • parfumerii de nisa
  • bijuterii vintage
  • prietenii de 15 ani – Ioana mea – sa tii o prietenie toata viata
  • pick-up si discuri de vinyl
  • ghiocei si zambile de primavara sa iti intre in suflet
  • shopping-ul, pasiunea noastra – sa dai banii pe nimicuri
  • sa visezi si sa nu iti uiti visele
  • cacao cu lapte, briose firbinti si gem facut de bunica
  • sa porti matase si sa iti imbratisezi iubitul
  • sa plantezi copacei in propria-ti gradina
  • sa fugi cu prietenii departe, cu primul tren ce soseste in gara
  • sa bei bere din termos
  • sa tii cure “anti-slabire” cu amandine si inghetata – pentru ca poti :))
  • plimbari lungi pe drumuri uitate
  • sa dansezi pana nu iti mai simti picioarele si sa continui pana dimineata
  • Transagarasanul
  • sa nu te abtii cand esti cu EL; fara inhibitii, doar iubire
  • daydreaming in bed
  • dimineata urmatoare trezindu-ma in bratele tale 🙂
  • sa salvezi melcii dupa ploaie, sa ii pui in iarba
  • sa iti invingi fricile cand esti cu EL
  • sa strigi oricui te provoaca: Cap ou pas cap ?!
  • vodka cu suc de mere si mojitos
  • cearsafuri moi, proaspete
  • primii fulgi de zapada
  • noaptea de Revelion
  • ziua ta !
  • sa te joci cu pisoiasi in iarba
  • sa pleci din tara si sa uiti de probleme
  • orase noi, case civilizate, flori parfumate pe strazi si sarutari la lumina felinarului
  • sa te bati cu pistoale cu apa desi ai trecut de mult de varsta majoratului
  • sa razi la glume spuse in jurul unui foc de tabara
  • nudism narativ
  • zile libere
  • imbratisarea mamei
  • admiratia tatei
  • iubirea bunicilor
  • sarutul iubitului
  • inelul de logodna
  • ziua nuntii
  • sa ai un copil cu persoana iubita
  • sa ramai mereu indragostita
  • sa razi la soare
  • sa nu uiti niciodata de ce esti fericita !
  • sa nu te mai opresti din scris
  • sa creezi vise, poezii si amintiri frumoase
  • albume cu poze
  • primul “O” si toate care au urmat 😀
  • ochi cameleonici
  • prieteni uitati
  • si increderea in sine !

‎50 annoying things

  1. “nu stiu” ( nu ma intereseaza )
  2. “nu pot” ( nu vreau )
  3. “n-am timp” ( n-am chef )
  4. sa te faci ca nu auzi
  5. sa suni si sa inchizi
  6. sa nu raspunzi la telefon
  7. telefonul fara fir ( + 15 ani )
  8. too many quotes
  9. cand nu-i lasi pe altii sa te laude
  10. moda pentru mase
  11. invidie
  12. competitia pentru cea mai nefericita experienta
  13. funhouse mirrors ( some girls have them at home :p )
  14. unghii lungi pe tabla
  15. fake tears
  16. tipete cristaline
  17. sa trantesti usa
  18. sa nu iti dea restul la magazin
  19. casa de bilete inchisa “revin in 10min” ( si dupa o ora tot nu s-a intors )
  20. locuri de parcare inexistente
  21. sa nu stii sa dai “buna ziua”
  22. lipsa respectului reciproc
  23. cand incearca sa se bage cineva in fata ta la coada
  24. patriotism fortat
  25. idei adoptate *angro*
  26. outfit elegant + Mc or KFC
  27. vorbitul excesiv in timpul filmului
  28. vorbitul cu gura plina
  29. “fataaaaa”
  30. sa folosesti ceva ce nu-ti apartine fara sa ceri voie
  31. sa nu cunosti intrebuintarea vorbelor “te rog”, “multumesc” sau “cu placere”
  32. sa minti pana in panzele albe desi ai fost prins(a) cu mata in sac
  33. sa scuipi seminte pe jos
  34. sa mesteci cu gura deschisa ( mai ales GUMA )
  35. sa arunci la gunoi, sa ratezi si sa nu mai ridici gunoiul
  36. sa nu poti lua o decizie pana nu ii da voie BF,GF sau parintii
  37. sa nu te speli pe maini dupa ce mamanci sau te duci la baie
  38. sa porti ochelari de soare inauntru
  39. ghete imblanite cu rochite vaporoase
  40. lant de aur atarnand pe’afara
  41. sa uiti sa iti platesti datoriile
  42. sa crezi ca Universul se roteste in jurul tau
  43. sa te inchizi in fata unei biserici, apoi sa iti vorbesti de “bine” aproapele
  44. sa plangi ca sa obtii ceva
  45. o vanzatoare cu *atitudine*
  46. sa tipi cand vorbesti la telefon
  47. spam mail
  48. cand pierzi autobuzul si astepti o eternitate pana vine celalalt
  49. oameni care mormaie
  50. melodrama

What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?

  • my hair in the morning, always fluffy and messed up
  • waking up at 6:00 am
  • when someone wears too much perfume 
  • the everlasting drama of  “i broke my f****** nail”
  • eating in bed and forgetting to clean up
  • using up something and forgetting to replace it
  • not doing your own dishes
  • melodrama
  • fake tears
  • too much make-up
  • a girl drinking from the bottle ( not beer, but win or gin etc )
  • too much animal print
  • mixing colors like a toddler
  • paranoia aka thinking that everyone is out to get
  • littering
  • reading a book just to look smart
  • playing music too loud ( are you deaf or something ? )
  • joined eyebrows
  • eating your nails ( after the age of 10 max. )
  • shorts in winter
  • UGGs in summer
  • stretch marks ( and wearing clothes that reveal them )
  • “pitzi” lips
  • when red/pink lipstick is too red/pink
  • plastic surgery
  • fake boobs ( done wrong )
  • botox
  • considering shopping a substitut for gym
  • tattooed eyebrows
  • censorship
  • bad breath
  • yellow teeth
  • unshaved arms/legs ( girls )
  • thick layer of dust everywhere in your room ( wtf ?? )
  • eating with your hands
  • immaturity or the lack of desire to grow up
  • going through someone’s personal belongings
  • yelling ( I, personally, can’t stand it.. it has no purpose and no positive result )
  • bitching about everything
  • diets
  • over the top, expensive products that fail to offer what you are paying for
  • 24% VAT
  • fats and greasy foods
  • hypocrisy
  • tangled hair
  • obsessing ( with smth or someone )
  • dropping out of school
  • leaving things unfinished ( I hate that, when I start smth I make sure I finish it )
  • copying someone
  • not knowing when to shut up
  • invisibility ( when in fact everyone knows you’re there ) :))

I gave you 50 things that will make you roll your eyes ( more or less ) ! Criticism is expected and awaited because I don’t pretend to be perfect 🙂 and I look forward to hearing your opinion !

Have a sunny day !