What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?

  • my hair in the morning, always fluffy and messed up
  • waking up at 6:00 am
  • when someone wears too much perfume 
  • the everlasting drama of  “i broke my f****** nail”
  • eating in bed and forgetting to clean up
  • using up something and forgetting to replace it
  • not doing your own dishes
  • melodrama
  • fake tears
  • too much make-up
  • a girl drinking from the bottle ( not beer, but win or gin etc )
  • too much animal print
  • mixing colors like a toddler
  • paranoia aka thinking that everyone is out to get
  • littering
  • reading a book just to look smart
  • playing music too loud ( are you deaf or something ? )
  • joined eyebrows
  • eating your nails ( after the age of 10 max. )
  • shorts in winter
  • UGGs in summer
  • stretch marks ( and wearing clothes that reveal them )
  • “pitzi” lips
  • when red/pink lipstick is too red/pink
  • plastic surgery
  • fake boobs ( done wrong )
  • botox
  • considering shopping a substitut for gym
  • tattooed eyebrows
  • censorship
  • bad breath
  • yellow teeth
  • unshaved arms/legs ( girls )
  • thick layer of dust everywhere in your room ( wtf ?? )
  • eating with your hands
  • immaturity or the lack of desire to grow up
  • going through someone’s personal belongings
  • yelling ( I, personally, can’t stand it.. it has no purpose and no positive result )
  • bitching about everything
  • diets
  • over the top, expensive products that fail to offer what you are paying for
  • 24% VAT
  • fats and greasy foods
  • hypocrisy
  • tangled hair
  • obsessing ( with smth or someone )
  • dropping out of school
  • leaving things unfinished ( I hate that, when I start smth I make sure I finish it )
  • copying someone
  • not knowing when to shut up
  • invisibility ( when in fact everyone knows you’re there ) :))

I gave you 50 things that will make you roll your eyes ( more or less ) ! Criticism is expected and awaited because I don’t pretend to be perfect 🙂 and I look forward to hearing your opinion !

Have a sunny day !


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