Coltul nostru de Rai

Ultima zi din Mai ne-a adus o supriza neasteptata – ne-am rasfatat cu cele mai fine si interesante preparate culinare pe care am avut placerea de a le incerca pana acum.

Si cum dragostea trece prin stomac, este de la sine inteles ca vom lega o prietenie de durata cu acesti mici genii la capitolul wedding planning 🙂



Mai este luna florilor, cand visele devin realitate si bujorii infloresc! Mai va fi si luna noastra pentru ca ne e atat de draga si se potriveste de minune cu planurile si ideile noastre 



Iar in ceea ce priveste locatia, nici ca puteam sa facem o alegere mai inspirata: omuleti tineri si creativi, MasterChef in bucatarie :D, jocuri de lumini si proiectii – per total un aer modern, vibrant intr-o locatie spatioasa si primitoare!

Iar tortul… de vis: pufos, cu o ciocolata delicioasa, o crema matasoasa ca un nor si un sirop perfect de dulce (nici prea intens, nici prea fad) – pentru noi este combinatia idealaImage

..and then I fell in love with you!

Enticing perspective

Criticize me, hate or love me, follow or ignore me, my perspective of you will always be up-side-down.

I won’t treat you like you’re used to, I won’t respond when you seek me. I will, although, listen!

Because feedback comes in so many shapes and styles that I, for one, am open to them all. My job has thought me so much about people and I think it’s time to rearrange my behavior accordingly.

If people are too overwhelmed with their own problems, you shouldn’t let that get to you. It’s their cross to carry, it’s your job to learn. Jealousy, hate, envy and drama reign the land and pollute the mind.

Choose to wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen. Spend the day surrounding yourself with positive people. And dream of all the great things you want to accomplish.


Simplify your life and threw away the rubbish.

Be inspired by others and learn from their mistakes and bad gestures.

Be original with your feelings, do not give in to their envy.

Work hard for what you love, for what makes you happy.

Enjoy your moment!