Frustrated women and the men that date them

Either it’s the size of their ears or the fact that they’re overweight, their personality or their face, women tend to over exaggerate no matter the issue. We are born this way, we focus on the most insignificant detail which we multiply by ten and then complain that we have a problem. Women are obsessed with their flaws and are certain that everybody sees them and talk behind their backs about IT. And that is why we try to compensate by drawing attention to other parts of our body which we are content with.
But in some cases, these actions are borderline excessive. Wanting to be unique is ok as long as you don’t fall in the lame category. We are different by nature, our DNA helps a lot, you know. There’s no need to try so much to differentiate yourself from others, just be creative and follow your instinct. It’s ok to like cats (even if half of the population likes them as well), it’s normal to dream about your wedding day (but don’t turn into an obsessed Bridezilla), it’s ok to dress differently and not follow the rules (as long as you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree or a carpet), it’s perfectly normal to leave somethings private and not share them with the entire facebook community (the best relationship is the one that doesn’t appear online because they don’t feel the need to brag about it – love makes you a better person, teaches you respect and modesty), it’s normal to make mistakes but it’s important to learn from them (I know I have flaws 😉 but I’m trying to do the right thing and not follow the wrong examples). And sometimes accept that it’s perfectly fine to choose the same path as others; you cannot reinvent the world.

Women are also paranoid. They see a tiny hole and immediately imagine that it’s actually twice as worst than in reality. Combine frustration with paranoia and you get a unstable ball of emotions. But don’t get me wrong, not all women are so dysfunctional. We are a roller coaster of emotions, some take a slower ride and some go straight for the thrill seeking one.
As a general rule, women get really frustrated when they aren’t getting what they want weather it’s sex, attention, money or love. You might easily get confused what her issue is because it can come under many combinations: lack of love and therefore lack of sex, lack of love and attention, but with meaningless sex, lack of money and therefore lack of love or sex because some women just love money. No matter the case, if you don’t provide her what she wants, sooner rather than later, she will dump your ass.
Women choose to be frustrated and instead of solving their issues they just over think everything. If you don’t like the way you look, do something about it! If you’re overweight and find it upsetting that people don’t support your love for midnight snacks and fast food, go to the gym and choose a healthy lifestyle. It’s not ok to cry about it and get all depressed. There is a solution to any problem, it’s just that you prefer the easy way. And if that’s the case, be mature about it and accept the comments. If you don’t like a part of your body, go to the gym, take swimming classes, run in the park, go to a cosmetician; but don’t just lay there and complain that you are misunderstood.

This is how we are, but why do man date such women? Is it because they are vulnerable, is it because they won’t ask for much or say no too often? Or is it because they do not find themselves strong enough to date an independent woman?
In these cases, the saying opposites attract is not relevant. A powerful man will not choose a weak woman because of endless reasons, but mostly because we seek equals or better partners, we want to rise above our condition and evolve. It’s a natural reaction, to choose the best specimen out there. There are cases when you just fall in love without knowing too much about a person, but I believe that in the end, if you aren’t compatible the relationship will fail. A strong woman won’t stand by a man that is too easy to manipulate (unless she doesn’t have any other options, and that can only mean that she herself isn’t a good catch).
There are also cases when people are plain superficial and that’s when men will choose beauty over personality or knowledge, and women will choose money over love or age. So many possibilities, so few great relationships!

What are you thankful for?

This is what fb asked me today:


Good question, I might add. I wrote a post yesterday about religion and that made me think about compassion and rising above anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so not the religious type, I don’t believe in the purpose of the church and I don’t go to confession. Instead, I believe in forgiveness and acceptance, but this is a different story for another day 😉

Here is my list, my thoughts on who and what I’m thankful for:

  • my fiance because he helped me grow into the woman that I am today, he stood by me through the bad, listened to my dreams and made some of them happen 🙂
  • my loving parents (I would have so much to say, but the love I have for them cannot be put into words)
  • the fact that my grandparents are still alive 🙂 and maybe they will live to see my children; I have the best grandparents – they raised me, they helped me with everything since the day I was born and they are still there for me, even until this day
  • how I was raised and who I have become
  • the people that came into my life and left, for the memories they gave me and for the people that stayed 🙂
  • the dreams that become reality
  • the things that I learned along the way
  • the job I have, the projects I had the chance to participate and the experience I gained
  • the home we build togethermoments
  • the house we decorated together
  • the memories we made and the places we saw
  • his love and his friendship
  • the fact that in 6 months I will take his last name
  • our friends, even we don’t see each other as often as I would like, the moments are that more precious
  • my bridesmaids – the girls that make me smile, whom I call at any hour of the day and stress with my ideas, my excitement and my restlessness
  • the hot cup of black tea in the morning, while looking out the window at our garden; the jasmine tea in the afternoon, after a long day at work, cuddling in his arms; the rooibos & honey tea at midnight, when we end up talking long past our bedtime 😀
  • my huge collections of books and mugs – they really do go hand in hand!
  • snow in November and on Christmas day
  • fuzzy gloves and a green thermos to keep me happy an my way to work
  • big, cozy winter scarves in lovely colors
  • love notes on the kitchen table
  • presents that take me by surprise and gestures that make my heart melt ❤
  • cinnamon, baked apples, carols and cold noses
  • skiing, drinking mulled wine with nutmeg and trips faraway from home
  • and for all the material stuff that make me happy and  slightly superficial 😀

And here are 25 things (or more), just from the top of my head, which I am thankful for 🙂 Next year I’ll write 26!no regrets

What are you thankful for?

“Everybody lies”

tumblr_mn2hr3ax1z1sq4g73o1_500Women lie about their weight, men lie about their size;

People lies to hide their weaknesses and when they need to feel better about themselves.

I do not have a problem with the way I look, I like myself just the way I am; people aren’t perfect, I like my imperfections; different is always better, more is always good; I do not need to change, people need to accept me just the way I am; my flaws make me unique, unique means superior; people who do not like me are just envious.

Children lie about their grades, parents lie about their reasons ;

People lie just for fun and continue lying even more when they are busted (not being able to comprehend that no one will believe a word they say from now on).

I got there before you, I knew that already, I bought that first, it was my idea; you just copied me. 

Employees lie about their jobs, owners lie about their profit;

People lie when they’re afraid, when they want to impress and feel that the true version of themselves is not good enough for the public eye.

I have a magic life, I never get bored, I love what I do and where I do it, I do it so often I cannot keep track, I do it so well the earth stops spinning, but the important thing is that I’m doing it when no one else is.

Friends lie because they do not want to lose you, loved ones lie because they do not want to hurt you.

People lie so much that they start believing their own fantasies.

I didn’t say that, you do not know me; it wasn’t be who threw the first stone, I was innocent; I do not follow you, you do not interest me; I give great advice, you should listen to me; I have lots of friends and they do not pity me.

It’s all just a show and tell: best story of the day wins a moment in the spotlight and applause on open stage.

We all want affection, we run after it, we crave it, we sell our souls and bodies for it. We lie for affection, we lie for attention, we lie to create drama, we lie to be in the front row of it all.

People lie all their lives; big lies, small lies, innocent lies, hurtful lies. We lie about our hair color, we lie about how much it costs, how great it was , we lie about our day-to-day actions (have I eaten healthy food today, have I exercised, have I showed my wife/husband that I love her/him, have they proved today that they’re worthy of my love?)

I don’t lie about my weight, I don’t lie about my insecurities – they’re in the open, I don’t lie about my fears, I don’t lie about who I like or who I disapprove of, I don’t lie about why I love, I don’t lie about my job, I don’t lie about where I go, I don’t lie about my opinions – I stick to what I write and don’t go back on my word. And this might make me “not so likable”, but I’d rather be myself, than just look good on facebook.

I lie about everything else, instead 😀 (not that there’re many things left on the list)

For full disclosure, I have 2 big lies that do not involve anybody else, and are more secrets than lies. Even if it’s tough, I prefer to come clean in all aspects of my life. 

Enticing perspective

Criticize me, hate or love me, follow or ignore me, my perspective of you will always be up-side-down.

I won’t treat you like you’re used to, I won’t respond when you seek me. I will, although, listen!

Because feedback comes in so many shapes and styles that I, for one, am open to them all. My job has thought me so much about people and I think it’s time to rearrange my behavior accordingly.

If people are too overwhelmed with their own problems, you shouldn’t let that get to you. It’s their cross to carry, it’s your job to learn. Jealousy, hate, envy and drama reign the land and pollute the mind.

Choose to wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen. Spend the day surrounding yourself with positive people. And dream of all the great things you want to accomplish.


Simplify your life and threw away the rubbish.

Be inspired by others and learn from their mistakes and bad gestures.

Be original with your feelings, do not give in to their envy.

Work hard for what you love, for what makes you happy.

Enjoy your moment!


Words of wisdom:

Stop preaching to the choir! Those “advices” you give, life would be a lot more pleasant if you all would just follow them yourselves.

Don’t go bullshiting other people with your distorted perception of reality. If you wear pink contact lenses doesn’t mean you’ll be able to paint the town as well.

Sex isn’t overrated, unless you’re doing it wrong. Great chemistry can do wonders in bed, and it takes guts to get naked in front of someone (mind and body). I’d rather have a passionate relationship, than a ordinary one. Those ups and downs keep the thrill, the extreme sensations, the fire going. No wonders makeup sex is so great, and this ain’t just a rumour.

I love because of these feelings, because I can’t give up the passion once I found it.
Mind-blowing sex (in a steady relationship) comes once in a life time, and it’s all thanks to the body’s chemistry. Conversations, history, tastes, preferences, all these can change under the force of compromise. You can altere them because you want to make it work, or you can manipulate others to see things your way. Either way, you can’t make sex feel amazing if you just ain’t got it (and nothing beats double O’s).

Weird isn’t a synonym for awesome.

More, most of the times, should be less.

Mixing can be difficult, so don’t try this at home unless you’re good at it. And most aren’t, living proof of this passes you by every day.

Cries for attention are a waste of time. Growing up means prioritizing, proving you understand the difference between buying and spending. The equilibrium between income and expenses.

The day you’ll perceive holidays as a time of overevaluated products, manipulative comercials, fake traditions, intensive cleaning and outrages, 5 times a day, extra fat meals, that is when you will finally start thinking like an adult. Acting mature means having fun, keeping your inner child alive, while accepting the responsabilities and not “bitching” about it so that others step in and clean up your mess / pay your bills.

Your  body is a temple, there are no accepted excuses. “I cannot” doesn’t exist, there’s only “I won’t”. Get your lazy ass to the gym (and I’m mostly talking about me here), stop day-dreaming about what would’ve happened only if.. (Yeah, you heard me Miss) and start creating the future you were meant to have ‘cose your kind of talent is so damn hard to find, and stop poluting the air with bad energies because karma is going to bite your ass someday.

And for those of you out there who consider themselves the center of my universe, think again! That position had already been filled 4 years ago 😉