‎50 annoying things

  1. “nu stiu” ( nu ma intereseaza )
  2. “nu pot” ( nu vreau )
  3. “n-am timp” ( n-am chef )
  4. sa te faci ca nu auzi
  5. sa suni si sa inchizi
  6. sa nu raspunzi la telefon
  7. telefonul fara fir ( + 15 ani )
  8. too many quotes
  9. cand nu-i lasi pe altii sa te laude
  10. moda pentru mase
  11. invidie
  12. competitia pentru cea mai nefericita experienta
  13. funhouse mirrors ( some girls have them at home :p )
  14. unghii lungi pe tabla
  15. fake tears
  16. tipete cristaline
  17. sa trantesti usa
  18. sa nu iti dea restul la magazin
  19. casa de bilete inchisa “revin in 10min” ( si dupa o ora tot nu s-a intors )
  20. locuri de parcare inexistente
  21. sa nu stii sa dai “buna ziua”
  22. lipsa respectului reciproc
  23. cand incearca sa se bage cineva in fata ta la coada
  24. patriotism fortat
  25. idei adoptate *angro*
  26. outfit elegant + Mc or KFC
  27. vorbitul excesiv in timpul filmului
  28. vorbitul cu gura plina
  29. “fataaaaa”
  30. sa folosesti ceva ce nu-ti apartine fara sa ceri voie
  31. sa nu cunosti intrebuintarea vorbelor “te rog”, “multumesc” sau “cu placere”
  32. sa minti pana in panzele albe desi ai fost prins(a) cu mata in sac
  33. sa scuipi seminte pe jos
  34. sa mesteci cu gura deschisa ( mai ales GUMA )
  35. sa arunci la gunoi, sa ratezi si sa nu mai ridici gunoiul
  36. sa nu poti lua o decizie pana nu ii da voie BF,GF sau parintii
  37. sa nu te speli pe maini dupa ce mamanci sau te duci la baie
  38. sa porti ochelari de soare inauntru
  39. ghete imblanite cu rochite vaporoase
  40. lant de aur atarnand pe’afara
  41. sa uiti sa iti platesti datoriile
  42. sa crezi ca Universul se roteste in jurul tau
  43. sa te inchizi in fata unei biserici, apoi sa iti vorbesti de “bine” aproapele
  44. sa plangi ca sa obtii ceva
  45. o vanzatoare cu *atitudine*
  46. sa tipi cand vorbesti la telefon
  47. spam mail
  48. cand pierzi autobuzul si astepti o eternitate pana vine celalalt
  49. oameni care mormaie
  50. melodrama

What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?

  • my hair in the morning, always fluffy and messed up
  • waking up at 6:00 am
  • when someone wears too much perfume 
  • the everlasting drama of  “i broke my f****** nail”
  • eating in bed and forgetting to clean up
  • using up something and forgetting to replace it
  • not doing your own dishes
  • melodrama
  • fake tears
  • too much make-up
  • a girl drinking from the bottle ( not beer, but win or gin etc )
  • too much animal print
  • mixing colors like a toddler
  • paranoia aka thinking that everyone is out to get
  • littering
  • reading a book just to look smart
  • playing music too loud ( are you deaf or something ? )
  • joined eyebrows
  • eating your nails ( after the age of 10 max. )
  • shorts in winter
  • UGGs in summer
  • stretch marks ( and wearing clothes that reveal them )
  • “pitzi” lips
  • when red/pink lipstick is too red/pink
  • plastic surgery
  • fake boobs ( done wrong )
  • botox
  • considering shopping a substitut for gym
  • tattooed eyebrows
  • censorship
  • bad breath
  • yellow teeth
  • unshaved arms/legs ( girls )
  • thick layer of dust everywhere in your room ( wtf ?? )
  • eating with your hands
  • immaturity or the lack of desire to grow up
  • going through someone’s personal belongings
  • yelling ( I, personally, can’t stand it.. it has no purpose and no positive result )
  • bitching about everything
  • diets
  • over the top, expensive products that fail to offer what you are paying for
  • 24% VAT
  • fats and greasy foods
  • hypocrisy
  • tangled hair
  • obsessing ( with smth or someone )
  • dropping out of school
  • leaving things unfinished ( I hate that, when I start smth I make sure I finish it )
  • copying someone
  • not knowing when to shut up
  • invisibility ( when in fact everyone knows you’re there ) :))

I gave you 50 things that will make you roll your eyes ( more or less ) ! Criticism is expected and awaited because I don’t pretend to be perfect 🙂 and I look forward to hearing your opinion !

Have a sunny day !