What are you thankful for?

This is what fb asked me today:


Good question, I might add. I wrote a post yesterday about religion and that made me think about compassion and rising above anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so not the religious type, I don’t believe in the purpose of the church and I don’t go to confession. Instead, I believe in forgiveness and acceptance, but this is a different story for another day 😉

Here is my list, my thoughts on who and what I’m thankful for:

  • my fiance because he helped me grow into the woman that I am today, he stood by me through the bad, listened to my dreams and made some of them happen 🙂
  • my loving parents (I would have so much to say, but the love I have for them cannot be put into words)
  • the fact that my grandparents are still alive 🙂 and maybe they will live to see my children; I have the best grandparents – they raised me, they helped me with everything since the day I was born and they are still there for me, even until this day
  • how I was raised and who I have become
  • the people that came into my life and left, for the memories they gave me and for the people that stayed 🙂
  • the dreams that become reality
  • the things that I learned along the way
  • the job I have, the projects I had the chance to participate and the experience I gained
  • the home we build togethermoments
  • the house we decorated together
  • the memories we made and the places we saw
  • his love and his friendship
  • the fact that in 6 months I will take his last name
  • our friends, even we don’t see each other as often as I would like, the moments are that more precious
  • my bridesmaids – the girls that make me smile, whom I call at any hour of the day and stress with my ideas, my excitement and my restlessness
  • the hot cup of black tea in the morning, while looking out the window at our garden; the jasmine tea in the afternoon, after a long day at work, cuddling in his arms; the rooibos & honey tea at midnight, when we end up talking long past our bedtime 😀
  • my huge collections of books and mugs – they really do go hand in hand!
  • snow in November and on Christmas day
  • fuzzy gloves and a green thermos to keep me happy an my way to work
  • big, cozy winter scarves in lovely colors
  • love notes on the kitchen table
  • presents that take me by surprise and gestures that make my heart melt ❤
  • cinnamon, baked apples, carols and cold noses
  • skiing, drinking mulled wine with nutmeg and trips faraway from home
  • and for all the material stuff that make me happy and  slightly superficial 😀

And here are 25 things (or more), just from the top of my head, which I am thankful for 🙂 Next year I’ll write 26!no regrets

What are you thankful for?

Black tea & laughter!

Having a longer weekend is like taking a small vacation:

  • you wake up late every morning with sun in your eyes ‘n black tea in your cup,black tea
  • you tidy up the house and cook for him while he plants a million flowers in the garden ❤ can’t wait for them to blossom in may, just before the wedding,
  • you take a long walk downtown, on foot this time because the weather is just perfect,
  • you drink a cappuccino in the park and walk holding hands through the colorful leaves that cover the streets,
  • you cuddle and have a glass of wine while watching a comedy
  • you make time for some shopping, you visit your parents and talk about the wedding,
  • you spend time with your bridesmaid, drink, laugh and watch wedding shows while he plays football with the groomsmen 😀
  • you take a sketch of your future living room and talk to designers
  • you kiss, you hold hands and you love each other!


The time has come to…



Oh, dear friend!

Your time is gone 🙂 parties, friends, booze and lost nights are such fun memories. We laughted and cried, we made friends and lost some, we fought and we kiss, and in the morning we started fresh.

But I grew up now and it’s ok, I love my body and I like to keep it healthy. We’re still young, we like to drink, party hard with our friends, but it’s different now. You will know what I mean when you’ll grow up 😉 It’s still us, still you – happiness isn’t found on the bottom of a vodka bottle!

You, dear friend, need to visit us less often 😀

Don’t be afraid to act more mature, to change your mind and gain new principles. You’re fine, it’s just a new phase in your life so enjoy every second because beautiful days are coming, wiser friends and happier mornings!

Trick your mind in a fun way

This advice comes from the brilliant minds at an american university, but I’m liking it 😀 so stay tuned a little bit longer:

  • say “Yes” to the color blue when it comes to dishes, kitchen/living room walls, accessories and other stuff you can think of that you’ll be using while eating; 

Why? ‘cose blue triggers a reaction in your brain that discourages you from eating in large amounts. Why? Because, except for berries, nothing else resembles this color.

  • choose smaller plates; yeah, right !

If I can’t normally control my cravings (let’s be serious, how large can your stomach be) hunger, what makes you think I won’t go 5 times to the kitchen for a refill ? 😀

  • stop staring at the freaking TV ! this is a golden rule

If I’m watching GG and you bring me some candy/ pickles/ anything chewable, you can be damn sure I’ll eat the entire bowl.

  • No to transparent dishes, Yes to opaque ones;

They argue that if you don’t see that there is still food in the bowl, you won’t be tempted to eat it all. So not true! The bowl is on the table, my eyes are high up in the skies. You honestly think that I won’t see that there’s still food in front of me? Where in God’s name do you think I keep the food?

  • befriend healthy people 😀

They’ll make damn sure you won’t eat crappy food when you’re out with them, but be aware of the little devil on your shoulder that appears after midnight and makes you eat chocolate cake, ice cream, french fries 😉 It’s not you, it’s the voice inside your head !

I admit I’m a weak soul and I have a boyfriend that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” (when it comes down to this). So follow what I write, not what I do 😉

And if you’re tired of english, here’s the romanian version.