one step

I got lost on the way,

Lose my senses everyday.

Still afraid of losing you

Even thou I never had you.


Always cornered and ignored

Only learned to close the doors

I am in and you all out,

Never let you in my heart.


I’m afraid to speak my mind

Cose I wonder what you’ll find

Locked inside my empty soul

Time has past leaving a howl.


Never done anything right

Always in a constant fight

I am tired of my mistakes

And of knowing I’m so fake.


Lost my mind some time ago

Now I have no place to go

Cannot ask you for your love

When I cannot love myself.


Thinking that I hold you down

I try not to make a sound

But I get you mad again

Cose I can’t speak for myself


I do try to share my soul

But I find only a howl

I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you

So I hide myself from you.


Give me courage and support

Even thou it is my fault

I do want to let you know me

And one day maybe feel free.


For what it’s worth, I know there’s something good in me, buried inside