What are you thankful for?

This is what fb asked me today:


Good question, I might add. I wrote a post yesterday about religion and that made me think about compassion and rising above anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so not the religious type, I don’t believe in the purpose of the church and I don’t go to confession. Instead, I believe in forgiveness and acceptance, but this is a different story for another day 😉

Here is my list, my thoughts on who and what I’m thankful for:

  • my fiance because he helped me grow into the woman that I am today, he stood by me through the bad, listened to my dreams and made some of them happen 🙂
  • my loving parents (I would have so much to say, but the love I have for them cannot be put into words)
  • the fact that my grandparents are still alive 🙂 and maybe they will live to see my children; I have the best grandparents – they raised me, they helped me with everything since the day I was born and they are still there for me, even until this day
  • how I was raised and who I have become
  • the people that came into my life and left, for the memories they gave me and for the people that stayed 🙂
  • the dreams that become reality
  • the things that I learned along the way
  • the job I have, the projects I had the chance to participate and the experience I gained
  • the home we build togethermoments
  • the house we decorated together
  • the memories we made and the places we saw
  • his love and his friendship
  • the fact that in 6 months I will take his last name
  • our friends, even we don’t see each other as often as I would like, the moments are that more precious
  • my bridesmaids – the girls that make me smile, whom I call at any hour of the day and stress with my ideas, my excitement and my restlessness
  • the hot cup of black tea in the morning, while looking out the window at our garden; the jasmine tea in the afternoon, after a long day at work, cuddling in his arms; the rooibos & honey tea at midnight, when we end up talking long past our bedtime 😀
  • my huge collections of books and mugs – they really do go hand in hand!
  • snow in November and on Christmas day
  • fuzzy gloves and a green thermos to keep me happy an my way to work
  • big, cozy winter scarves in lovely colors
  • love notes on the kitchen table
  • presents that take me by surprise and gestures that make my heart melt ❤
  • cinnamon, baked apples, carols and cold noses
  • skiing, drinking mulled wine with nutmeg and trips faraway from home
  • and for all the material stuff that make me happy and  slightly superficial 😀

And here are 25 things (or more), just from the top of my head, which I am thankful for 🙂 Next year I’ll write 26!no regrets

What are you thankful for?

Let’s gossip about Christmas

Christmas is about giving, not bragging to the world about what you got. The fact is mum and dad spent a lot of money on excessive gifts, wrapped up in over priced paper, containing huge amounts of different types of chocolate, candy and sweets. ‘Cose it’s Christmas only once a year and baby needs to gain some calories for all the work done during 2011.

I understand the concept of  “being genuinely excited with what Santa brought you”, but there is a difference between this and bragging – overdoing it. The limit is really thin and that makes it easy to ignore it. But I’m getting  bored of hearing the same lame question: “What did you get for Christmas?” “Happiness, bet you weren’t expecting to hear that.”

And now, I assume that the ever bitter people will jump with complains about how I’m being hypocritical. I’m not, I’m judgmental and I don’t discriminate: I despise bragging in general. Loudmouth people that can’t stop screaming their lungs out about how perfect their life is, how much money they have and how wonderful they truly are. The principle is this: if you have to brag about it, it’s not worth anyone’s concern.

Wondering what I received, for being such a good girl? Love, affection, Os  and the promise of a future worth the wait. My family all together, my friends, my love 🙂 my Christmas tree with the big red star (from my childhood) on top, my fluffy kitty, my crazy pup – Santa was generous this year and I received everything I wished for ( material stuff included 😀 ).

So, here it is: Share some love, not gossip!

Christmas puppy

I’m a “cupaholic”

I ♥ mugs !  There’s a mug for anything: Christmas, winter, love, dad, mum, friends, lovers, saddness, animals, poets, quotes, smiles and the list would go on with every single word invented by man.

I can’t stop collecting them because I want to have a mug for every moment of the day: a mug for coffee, one for tea, one that I use at my boyfriend, one that I drink milk from, one for Christmas Eve, one for summer mornings 🙂

But enough about me 😀 Today I’m in the mood to show you fun&cute Christmas mugs ♥

ador peisajele iernatice;

mă duc cu gândul la schi, bătăi cu zăpadă, telecabina, vin fiert şi vacanţe la Buşteni

Frosty the SnowMan 😀

cum să nu te binedispună o faţă aşa de zâmbitoare, un bulgăraş de zăpadă dornic să te îmbrăţişeze constant

three little friends – perfect for get-togethers, when friends join you for some  hot choco/tea or steamy mulled wine with cinnamon

Starbucks, but of course! Magicele căni de la Starbucks, scumpe ca dracu’ dar prea “perfecte” ca să le poţi ignora.

Personally, nu mă prea încântă ideea de a bea din “capul” lui Moşu’ aşa că prefer să evit cănile tradiţionale şi să caut ceva mai special, pe sufletul meu 🙂

this mug makes drinking choco that more comfty;

it’s the kind of mug I’d take on the slope, fill it with hot tea/win and admire the winter miracle while sinking my skies in the fluffy snow

I know it’s not a traditional Christmas mug, but think about it!

Christmas Eve – sitting in your comfy sofa drinking hot milk with cinnamon & honey, waiting for Old Santa to bring you what you deserved (or better yet, what you want 😀 )

It’s practical, but fun. You have a little space to put your cookie in, no need for  a plate, God forbid you eat too many cookies ( that’s how Santa got so fat 😀 )

And my all time favorite – the snuggle mug!

I’d use it everytime I’d be with my ♥ E cănuţa perfectă, iubitoare şi darnică! Aş folosi-o doar cu tine, hun 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone!!  Sper că v-au plăcut cănuţele, o să scriu – într-o bună zi – un articol şi cu toate cănile mele, dar asta ar însemna să devastez bucătăria.

Christmas Giveaway!!

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