Black tea & laughter!

Having a longer weekend is like taking a small vacation:

  • you wake up late every morning with sun in your eyes ‘n black tea in your cup,black tea
  • you tidy up the house and cook for him while he plants a million flowers in the garden ❤ can’t wait for them to blossom in may, just before the wedding,
  • you take a long walk downtown, on foot this time because the weather is just perfect,
  • you drink a cappuccino in the park and walk holding hands through the colorful leaves that cover the streets,
  • you cuddle and have a glass of wine while watching a comedy
  • you make time for some shopping, you visit your parents and talk about the wedding,
  • you spend time with your bridesmaid, drink, laugh and watch wedding shows while he plays football with the groomsmen 😀
  • you take a sketch of your future living room and talk to designers
  • you kiss, you hold hands and you love each other!


Romanian traditional dinner

My aunt came to visit us, all the way from Italy 🙂 so I hosted a welcome back dinner at our house – a traditional one with only homemade dishes like:

  • chocolate cake with ice cream frosting (present for my grandma – she turned 80 :D),
  • Alaska fillet with a crunchy crust of nuts and herbs from our garden, with cherry tomatoes and slices of zucchini and seasoned with brine,
  • a special mix of lemonade,
  • a romanian antipasti platter,
  • a made up recipe of pie with pancakes instead of dough and
  • a dessert made from all the fruits in the kitchen, chocolate pudding, ice cream, caramelize bananas and whipped cream 🙂

ImageWe had such a great time, all the family together – and as a surprise, my aunt gave us as a housewarming gift, a set that was in her family for ages 🙂 we were speechless! 

Things I look forward to when I get home

  1. cozy bed ( lots ‘n lots of pillows, fluffy mattress, girlish colors )
  2. large, open windows and the view from the 6th floor – many gorgeous sunsets and not so many sunrises 😀 ( what can I say ? I’m not really an early bird 😉 )
  3. 10 types of tea – whatever your heart desires 
  4. all my perfumes
  5. lovable kitten
  6. flowers on my window – the smell of spring is in the air
  7. mum !
  8. home cooked meal ( mother knows best )
  9. scented candles
  10. vegetables in the freezer and fruits on the table
  11. laying with my feet in hot water while reading today’s newspaper and magazines
  12. a wall full of shelves filled only with books
  13. eating candies, cakes or any type of sweets you can think of at later hours
  14. high temperatues – cose I like wearing shorts around the house even in winter 😀 
  15. love

That about covers it, girls 😀