wild nature

empty seat. just standing by

once again my feelings run dry

you managed to catch a glimpse of my skin

sleeve rolled up, drinking a gin.

crowds passing by, but only soo vague

you touched my neck and shook my hand

i never turned, refused to be weak

drank up the gin without even a wink.

you rolled up your eyes so bitter and sad

caressed my neck line and turned me around

forcing my head, you planted a kiss

i wanted to fight you, but couldn’t resist.


i’m mad at you for all the wrong reasons

it’s not about pride or even treason,

i want to gain my lost freedom back

by figuring now how i should act.

i miss the party, my girls, the booze,

acting like i have nothing to lose.

getting wild and staying up late

without even thinking of taking a break.

you once said that people that live without fear,

that have no worries and never shed tears,

get into trouble without regrets

just so they feel they’re alive again.

..i need my shot! hook me up.