Enjoy the little things that make you smile


♥ Snow and making snowmen, snow fights, Eskimo kisses and skiing your lungs out!


♥ Hot cups – with tea, coffee or wine; enjoy the taste and flavors of a good mix

♥ His smell on your pillow, his arms around you, his every word that makes you thankful you’re the one

♥ Midnight kisses, cuddling and laughs

♥ Far away friends and long talks that last for hours which for you feel like minutes

♥ Cooking together or just cooking for him, trying out new recipes and having fun while doing so

♥ Creating and promoting, developing new projects and learning new things


♥ Being part of a team and pursuing your own dreams!

♥ Fluffy wool slippers, red cotton blanket on a white leather couch, and just relaxing after a long day


♥ Doing what you love, surrounding yourself with good people with great personalities and feeling fulfilled!

♥ Ideas, dreams and making it all happen, enjoy the effort that you put in every little thing you do and it won’t feel like an effort any longer 😉

♥ Early mornings and late nights, because you need to seize every moment and make it count [ the early bird… has time for coffee and a newspaper before the day officially starts 😉 ]

♥ Books, oh how you should enjoy books! Their insights, the stories, the passion and advice, the thrill and excitement of every new page! One who reads is never really alone or bored 😀

♥ Smiles, hugs, laughs and kisses – love is all around us, but that doesn’t make it any less special!

Not knowing that the future holds for you, challenges and mistakes, ups and downs and just the simple need to fight for what you want or love

Kindness (even that more special if it comes from a stranger)

Enjoy your life just the way it is!

Frustrated women and the men that date them

Either it’s the size of their ears or the fact that they’re overweight, their personality or their face, women tend to over exaggerate no matter the issue. We are born this way, we focus on the most insignificant detail which we multiply by ten and then complain that we have a problem. Women are obsessed with their flaws and are certain that everybody sees them and talk behind their backs about IT. And that is why we try to compensate by drawing attention to other parts of our body which we are content with.
But in some cases, these actions are borderline excessive. Wanting to be unique is ok as long as you don’t fall in the lame category. We are different by nature, our DNA helps a lot, you know. There’s no need to try so much to differentiate yourself from others, just be creative and follow your instinct. It’s ok to like cats (even if half of the population likes them as well), it’s normal to dream about your wedding day (but don’t turn into an obsessed Bridezilla), it’s ok to dress differently and not follow the rules (as long as you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree or a carpet), it’s perfectly normal to leave somethings private and not share them with the entire facebook community (the best relationship is the one that doesn’t appear online because they don’t feel the need to brag about it – love makes you a better person, teaches you respect and modesty), it’s normal to make mistakes but it’s important to learn from them (I know I have flaws 😉 but I’m trying to do the right thing and not follow the wrong examples). And sometimes accept that it’s perfectly fine to choose the same path as others; you cannot reinvent the world.

Women are also paranoid. They see a tiny hole and immediately imagine that it’s actually twice as worst than in reality. Combine frustration with paranoia and you get a unstable ball of emotions. But don’t get me wrong, not all women are so dysfunctional. We are a roller coaster of emotions, some take a slower ride and some go straight for the thrill seeking one.
As a general rule, women get really frustrated when they aren’t getting what they want weather it’s sex, attention, money or love. You might easily get confused what her issue is because it can come under many combinations: lack of love and therefore lack of sex, lack of love and attention, but with meaningless sex, lack of money and therefore lack of love or sex because some women just love money. No matter the case, if you don’t provide her what she wants, sooner rather than later, she will dump your ass.
Women choose to be frustrated and instead of solving their issues they just over think everything. If you don’t like the way you look, do something about it! If you’re overweight and find it upsetting that people don’t support your love for midnight snacks and fast food, go to the gym and choose a healthy lifestyle. It’s not ok to cry about it and get all depressed. There is a solution to any problem, it’s just that you prefer the easy way. And if that’s the case, be mature about it and accept the comments. If you don’t like a part of your body, go to the gym, take swimming classes, run in the park, go to a cosmetician; but don’t just lay there and complain that you are misunderstood.

This is how we are, but why do man date such women? Is it because they are vulnerable, is it because they won’t ask for much or say no too often? Or is it because they do not find themselves strong enough to date an independent woman?
In these cases, the saying opposites attract is not relevant. A powerful man will not choose a weak woman because of endless reasons, but mostly because we seek equals or better partners, we want to rise above our condition and evolve. It’s a natural reaction, to choose the best specimen out there. There are cases when you just fall in love without knowing too much about a person, but I believe that in the end, if you aren’t compatible the relationship will fail. A strong woman won’t stand by a man that is too easy to manipulate (unless she doesn’t have any other options, and that can only mean that she herself isn’t a good catch).
There are also cases when people are plain superficial and that’s when men will choose beauty over personality or knowledge, and women will choose money over love or age. So many possibilities, so few great relationships!

Începuturi frumoase

Orice moment poate fi privit ca un început, orice gând ca o binecuvântare atunci când ai iubire în viața ta!
Poate că sună clișeic, dar trăiesc ca să ne iubim și să construim o viață frumoasă împreună. Am evoluat atât de mult in ultimul an încât pare că am învățat cât pentru 3 ani într-unul singur. Și tot ce fac o fac cu dragoste și gânduri pozitive, iar starea aceasta de optimism vreau să o transmit la toți din jurul meu.
Tu îmi dai puterea de a fi iubită, prietenă, soție și în viitorul nu foarte îndepărtat,  mama. Tu mă faci să vreau mai mult, să pot mai mult, să lupt mai mult.
2013 a fost un an minunat, un an norocos în ciuda superstițiilor, a debutat cu o promisiune și s-a încheiat cu o certitudine! În 2013 am realizat cât de importantă este familia, ne-am găsit cei mai buni nași de cununie – doi oameni cu suflet bun de la care să putem învăța, care să ne fie alături și să fim mai mult decât prieteni. În 2013 am reușit să punem casă la punct, să o transformăm în cămin și să o facem a noastră, am ales, am personalizat și am planificat o nuntă. În 2013 am petrecut frumos și mult alături de prieteni dragi, ne-am bucurat, am iubit și am realizat atâtea!
Iar în 2014 vom trăi la intensitate maximă, vom râde și ne vom distra, vom plânge de fericire și ne vom depăși limitele!
Crăciunul este un moment drag mie; l-am petrecut gătind cozonaci pufoși și restul bunătăților tradiționale ( pentru că îmi face plăcere să gătesc pentru ai mei, deși mama și soacra se roagă să nu mă obosesc :)) ) l-am petrecut în familie, decorând bradul, ascultând colinde, bucurându-ne că suntem cu toții împreună! Apoi cu nașii la Comarnic, alergând cu fetițele prin curte, savurând papanași în Sinaia și regretând lipsa zăpezii.
Revelionul în schimb l-am petrecut alături de prieteni foarte apropiați, am râs, ne-am distrat, au curs șampania și vodka și parcă nu vroiam să se mai termine. Ne-am plimbat prin orașul pustiu, am urat la mulți ani și ne-am vizitat unii pe alții 🙂
Iubesc, sunt iubită, învăț și îmi depășesc zona de confort, trăiesc și sunt fericită!  Iar asta vă doresc tuturor: liniște în suflet și un zâmbet sincer pe buze! ♡