Enjoy the little things that make you smile


♥ Snow and making snowmen, snow fights, Eskimo kisses and skiing your lungs out!


♥ Hot cups – with tea, coffee or wine; enjoy the taste and flavors of a good mix

♥ His smell on your pillow, his arms around you, his every word that makes you thankful you’re the one

♥ Midnight kisses, cuddling and laughs

♥ Far away friends and long talks that last for hours which for you feel like minutes

♥ Cooking together or just cooking for him, trying out new recipes and having fun while doing so

♥ Creating and promoting, developing new projects and learning new things


♥ Being part of a team and pursuing your own dreams!

♥ Fluffy wool slippers, red cotton blanket on a white leather couch, and just relaxing after a long day


♥ Doing what you love, surrounding yourself with good people with great personalities and feeling fulfilled!

♥ Ideas, dreams and making it all happen, enjoy the effort that you put in every little thing you do and it won’t feel like an effort any longer 😉

♥ Early mornings and late nights, because you need to seize every moment and make it count [ the early bird… has time for coffee and a newspaper before the day officially starts 😉 ]

♥ Books, oh how you should enjoy books! Their insights, the stories, the passion and advice, the thrill and excitement of every new page! One who reads is never really alone or bored 😀

♥ Smiles, hugs, laughs and kisses – love is all around us, but that doesn’t make it any less special!

Not knowing that the future holds for you, challenges and mistakes, ups and downs and just the simple need to fight for what you want or love

Kindness (even that more special if it comes from a stranger)

Enjoy your life just the way it is!