Black tea & laughter!

Having a longer weekend is like taking a small vacation:

  • you wake up late every morning with sun in your eyes ‘n black tea in your cup,black tea
  • you tidy up the house and cook for him while he plants a million flowers in the garden ❤ can’t wait for them to blossom in may, just before the wedding,
  • you take a long walk downtown, on foot this time because the weather is just perfect,
  • you drink a cappuccino in the park and walk holding hands through the colorful leaves that cover the streets,
  • you cuddle and have a glass of wine while watching a comedy
  • you make time for some shopping, you visit your parents and talk about the wedding,
  • you spend time with your bridesmaid, drink, laugh and watch wedding shows while he plays football with the groomsmen 😀
  • you take a sketch of your future living room and talk to designers
  • you kiss, you hold hands and you love each other!


Trick your mind in a fun way

This advice comes from the brilliant minds at an american university, but I’m liking it 😀 so stay tuned a little bit longer:

  • say “Yes” to the color blue when it comes to dishes, kitchen/living room walls, accessories and other stuff you can think of that you’ll be using while eating; 

Why? ‘cose blue triggers a reaction in your brain that discourages you from eating in large amounts. Why? Because, except for berries, nothing else resembles this color.

  • choose smaller plates; yeah, right !

If I can’t normally control my cravings (let’s be serious, how large can your stomach be) hunger, what makes you think I won’t go 5 times to the kitchen for a refill ? 😀

  • stop staring at the freaking TV ! this is a golden rule

If I’m watching GG and you bring me some candy/ pickles/ anything chewable, you can be damn sure I’ll eat the entire bowl.

  • No to transparent dishes, Yes to opaque ones;

They argue that if you don’t see that there is still food in the bowl, you won’t be tempted to eat it all. So not true! The bowl is on the table, my eyes are high up in the skies. You honestly think that I won’t see that there’s still food in front of me? Where in God’s name do you think I keep the food?

  • befriend healthy people 😀

They’ll make damn sure you won’t eat crappy food when you’re out with them, but be aware of the little devil on your shoulder that appears after midnight and makes you eat chocolate cake, ice cream, french fries 😉 It’s not you, it’s the voice inside your head !

I admit I’m a weak soul and I have a boyfriend that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” (when it comes down to this). So follow what I write, not what I do 😉

And if you’re tired of english, here’s the romanian version.


Words of wisdom:

Stop preaching to the choir! Those “advices” you give, life would be a lot more pleasant if you all would just follow them yourselves.

Don’t go bullshiting other people with your distorted perception of reality. If you wear pink contact lenses doesn’t mean you’ll be able to paint the town as well.

Sex isn’t overrated, unless you’re doing it wrong. Great chemistry can do wonders in bed, and it takes guts to get naked in front of someone (mind and body). I’d rather have a passionate relationship, than a ordinary one. Those ups and downs keep the thrill, the extreme sensations, the fire going. No wonders makeup sex is so great, and this ain’t just a rumour.

I love because of these feelings, because I can’t give up the passion once I found it.
Mind-blowing sex (in a steady relationship) comes once in a life time, and it’s all thanks to the body’s chemistry. Conversations, history, tastes, preferences, all these can change under the force of compromise. You can altere them because you want to make it work, or you can manipulate others to see things your way. Either way, you can’t make sex feel amazing if you just ain’t got it (and nothing beats double O’s).

Weird isn’t a synonym for awesome.

More, most of the times, should be less.

Mixing can be difficult, so don’t try this at home unless you’re good at it. And most aren’t, living proof of this passes you by every day.

Cries for attention are a waste of time. Growing up means prioritizing, proving you understand the difference between buying and spending. The equilibrium between income and expenses.

The day you’ll perceive holidays as a time of overevaluated products, manipulative comercials, fake traditions, intensive cleaning and outrages, 5 times a day, extra fat meals, that is when you will finally start thinking like an adult. Acting mature means having fun, keeping your inner child alive, while accepting the responsabilities and not “bitching” about it so that others step in and clean up your mess / pay your bills.

Your  body is a temple, there are no accepted excuses. “I cannot” doesn’t exist, there’s only “I won’t”. Get your lazy ass to the gym (and I’m mostly talking about me here), stop day-dreaming about what would’ve happened only if.. (Yeah, you heard me Miss) and start creating the future you were meant to have ‘cose your kind of talent is so damn hard to find, and stop poluting the air with bad energies because karma is going to bite your ass someday.

And for those of you out there who consider themselves the center of my universe, think again! That position had already been filled 4 years ago 😉

Campionat de BILIARD – etapa 2

Miercuri, 26 Octombrie, am participat cu mic cu mare la a 2- a etapa a Campionatului de Biliard pentru Blogeri 🙂 ( aici v-am povestit despre prima intrunire ).

Locatia:  FUNLAND, locul unde toata lumea zambeste

De data aceasta tensiunea era mai mare, concurentii aveau cel putin cativa ani de experienta ca jucatori de biliard profesionisti, dar razetele se auzeau de la toate mesele. Am glumit, am facut cunostinta cu oameni interesanti, am jucat si am pierdut, dar per total a fost o seara reusita.

La sfarsitul zilei nimeni nu a plecat acasa invins, toti am avut de castigat: experienta, cunostinte, monstre de la si un card de reducere in valoare de 10% la Funland.

Multumim Beautyroom pentru plasuta cu surprize, pe care abia asteptam sa le testam ( atat eu, cat si prietenul meu 😀 ) si pentru ca ne-ati oferit sansa de a juca alaturi de adevarati profesionisti !

Felicitari tuturor pentru buna organizare, ne-ati inveselit saptamana si asteptam cu nerabdare urmatorul eveniment !

Campionat de BILIARD – etapa 1

In primul rand vreau sa multumesc gazdei noastre vesele FUNLAND 😀 pentru ca a avut bunavointa de a ne imprumuta 8 mese pentru cei peste 100 de participanti, celor de la BeautyRoom pentru plasuta cu surprize si nu in ultimul rand, celor de la Himalaya pentru monstrele cu sanatate ( sunt consumatoare fidela de cativa ani 🙂 ).

Evenimentul este recomandat de Federatia Romana de Biliard – Pool care ne-a onorat cu prezenta a doi arbitrii corecti, dar in acelasi timp deschisi si draguti. Ne-au explicat regulile, ne-au ajutat ori de cate ori aveam o nelamurire si s-au distrat si ei alaturi de concurenti.


Ieri, 24 octombrie, a avut loc prima etapa unde au participat estimativ 100 de blogeri alaturi de prietenii lor. M-am intalnit acolo si cu verisoara mea, care a castigat si pe care o sa o vad maine la etapa a doua.  Am avut noroc de un concurent super de treaba si sper uimirea mea am castigat cu 3-0 😀 ( o premiera pentru mine ). Am facut deja cunostinta cu adversarul meu de maine, un adevarat profesionist, deci comentariile sunt de prisos. O sa astept insa cu nerabdare plasuta cu surprize pe care o primeste fiecare invins.

A fost o experienta placuta, m-am distrat, am exersat si am castigat 😀 Multumesc pentru invitatie si bafta tuturor concurentilor !

CAMPIONAT de BILIARD pentru blogeri

Daca ai un blog sau cunosti pe cineva care te poate sustine in competitie 😉 poti participa la FUNLAND 8 BALLCampionatul de biliard pentru blogeri.

Tot ce trebuie sa faci ca sa participi este sa trimiti un e-mail pe adresa cu subiectul “Campionat FUNLAND”, pana AZI 23 octombrie 2011 ora 18:00, in care sa scrii NUMELE TAU complet ( si al prietenilor tai care vor sa participe ) si adresa BLOGULUI care te sustine.

Campionatul se desfasoara de pe data de 24 pana pe 28 octombrie 2011, in fiecare zi incepand cu ora 18:00, la Clubul FUNLAND din Bucuresti, Magazinul Unirea Shopping Center, etajul 4.

Poti sa castigi chiar si premii daca te pricepi cat de cat la biliard. Fiecare participant iesit din competitie pana la semifinala, va primi un card de reducere in valoare de 10% la FUNLAND si un premiu de surpriza din partea Daca te numeri printre primele 4 locuri vei primii cate un card de reducere de 20%  si ore gratuite la biliard din partea FUNLAND si premii din partea in valoare totala de 500 de euro.

Vezi toate detaliile aici:

Va fi DISTRACTIE MAXIMA toata saptamana  la FUNLAND, asa ca veniti sa participati si sa sustineti prietenii din competitie 😀

Eveniment recomandat de FEDERATIA ROMANA DE BILIARD – POOL
Parteneri: FUNLAND, HIMALAYA herbal healthcare
Parteneri media: , , ,
Organizator: MEDIAHOLIC