Trick your mind in a fun way

This advice comes from the brilliant minds at an american university, but I’m liking it 😀 so stay tuned a little bit longer:

  • say “Yes” to the color blue when it comes to dishes, kitchen/living room walls, accessories and other stuff you can think of that you’ll be using while eating; 

Why? ‘cose blue triggers a reaction in your brain that discourages you from eating in large amounts. Why? Because, except for berries, nothing else resembles this color.

  • choose smaller plates; yeah, right !

If I can’t normally control my cravings (let’s be serious, how large can your stomach be) hunger, what makes you think I won’t go 5 times to the kitchen for a refill ? 😀

  • stop staring at the freaking TV ! this is a golden rule

If I’m watching GG and you bring me some candy/ pickles/ anything chewable, you can be damn sure I’ll eat the entire bowl.

  • No to transparent dishes, Yes to opaque ones;

They argue that if you don’t see that there is still food in the bowl, you won’t be tempted to eat it all. So not true! The bowl is on the table, my eyes are high up in the skies. You honestly think that I won’t see that there’s still food in front of me? Where in God’s name do you think I keep the food?

  • befriend healthy people 😀

They’ll make damn sure you won’t eat crappy food when you’re out with them, but be aware of the little devil on your shoulder that appears after midnight and makes you eat chocolate cake, ice cream, french fries 😉 It’s not you, it’s the voice inside your head !

I admit I’m a weak soul and I have a boyfriend that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” (when it comes down to this). So follow what I write, not what I do 😉

And if you’re tired of english, here’s the romanian version.