“Everybody lies”

tumblr_mn2hr3ax1z1sq4g73o1_500Women lie about their weight, men lie about their size;

People lies to hide their weaknesses and when they need to feel better about themselves.

I do not have a problem with the way I look, I like myself just the way I am; people aren’t perfect, I like my imperfections; different is always better, more is always good; I do not need to change, people need to accept me just the way I am; my flaws make me unique, unique means superior; people who do not like me are just envious.

Children lie about their grades, parents lie about their reasons ;

People lie just for fun and continue lying even more when they are busted (not being able to comprehend that no one will believe a word they say from now on).

I got there before you, I knew that already, I bought that first, it was my idea; you just copied me. 

Employees lie about their jobs, owners lie about their profit;

People lie when they’re afraid, when they want to impress and feel that the true version of themselves is not good enough for the public eye.

I have a magic life, I never get bored, I love what I do and where I do it, I do it so often I cannot keep track, I do it so well the earth stops spinning, but the important thing is that I’m doing it when no one else is.

Friends lie because they do not want to lose you, loved ones lie because they do not want to hurt you.

People lie so much that they start believing their own fantasies.

I didn’t say that, you do not know me; it wasn’t be who threw the first stone, I was innocent; I do not follow you, you do not interest me; I give great advice, you should listen to me; I have lots of friends and they do not pity me.

It’s all just a show and tell: best story of the day wins a moment in the spotlight and applause on open stage.

We all want affection, we run after it, we crave it, we sell our souls and bodies for it. We lie for affection, we lie for attention, we lie to create drama, we lie to be in the front row of it all.

People lie all their lives; big lies, small lies, innocent lies, hurtful lies. We lie about our hair color, we lie about how much it costs, how great it was , we lie about our day-to-day actions (have I eaten healthy food today, have I exercised, have I showed my wife/husband that I love her/him, have they proved today that they’re worthy of my love?)

I don’t lie about my weight, I don’t lie about my insecurities – they’re in the open, I don’t lie about my fears, I don’t lie about who I like or who I disapprove of, I don’t lie about why I love, I don’t lie about my job, I don’t lie about where I go, I don’t lie about my opinions – I stick to what I write and don’t go back on my word. And this might make me “not so likable”, but I’d rather be myself, than just look good on facebook.

I lie about everything else, instead 😀 (not that there’re many things left on the list)

For full disclosure, I have 2 big lies that do not involve anybody else, and are more secrets than lies. Even if it’s tough, I prefer to come clean in all aspects of my life. 


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