Romanian traditional dinner

My aunt came to visit us, all the way from Italy 🙂 so I hosted a welcome back dinner at our house – a traditional one with only homemade dishes like:

  • chocolate cake with ice cream frosting (present for my grandma – she turned 80 :D),
  • Alaska fillet with a crunchy crust of nuts and herbs from our garden, with cherry tomatoes and slices of zucchini and seasoned with brine,
  • a special mix of lemonade,
  • a romanian antipasti platter,
  • a made up recipe of pie with pancakes instead of dough and
  • a dessert made from all the fruits in the kitchen, chocolate pudding, ice cream, caramelize bananas and whipped cream 🙂

ImageWe had such a great time, all the family together – and as a surprise, my aunt gave us as a housewarming gift, a set that was in her family for ages 🙂 we were speechless! 


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