The time has come to…



Oh, dear friend!

Your time is gone 🙂 parties, friends, booze and lost nights are such fun memories. We laughted and cried, we made friends and lost some, we fought and we kiss, and in the morning we started fresh.

But I grew up now and it’s ok, I love my body and I like to keep it healthy. We’re still young, we like to drink, party hard with our friends, but it’s different now. You will know what I mean when you’ll grow up 😉 It’s still us, still you – happiness isn’t found on the bottom of a vodka bottle!

You, dear friend, need to visit us less often 😀

Don’t be afraid to act more mature, to change your mind and gain new principles. You’re fine, it’s just a new phase in your life so enjoy every second because beautiful days are coming, wiser friends and happier mornings!


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