Exposure of your ego

Get a grip of your lost sanity,

of your long forsaken moral grounds,

Of your lust for boasting vanity,

that corrupts these wicked towns.

Play this riddle with your ego,

let it feast its eyes on you

Blend your misery with pitty

then reveal that which is true.

Divest your soul of hidden layers,

one for every chapter of your life

Open your eyes to share the story

of countless wounds made only by knives.

Strip you heart and strip your body

of what’s left after this war,

End the game that hurts soo badly

like you put out a ciggar.

Daily jokes no longer charm you,

his amusament now subdues you

And before you even know it,

his own laughter makes you sad.

True to you, true to your feelings

choose the road you want to ride

Don’t just listen to some stories

choose to write your future past.